Today’s Best Hiking Deals: Hiking Shirts for Men and Women, Teton Sleeping Bag, and More

Today, we’re expanding our product portfolio to include hiking shirts for men and for women, an awesome sleeping bag, and trendy hiking pants for the ladies.

I’m so excited to show you what we have in store for you today. We hope you enjoy the list. Here’s to a life of great adventures!


Men's Hiking Shirts

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt | $60.00 $36.52

Don’t let this shirt’s stylish facade fool you. The Silver Ridge is a shirt perfect for hiking the long trails. It protects your skin, keeps you cool under the sun, and it dries quickly to boot!

Columbia Men’s Trail Shaker Hoody | $45.00

For further protection to keep even your noggin cool, the Trail Shaker hoodie is your stylish bet. It’s comfortable and stretches easily to enable you full range of motion during steep hikes. It dries easily as well, making sure you are kept warm throughout your adventure.

Women's Hiking Shirts

Columbia Women’s Silver Ridge Long Sleeve Shirt | $50.00 $35.09

Since we’ve introduced you to the men’s Silver Ridge, now, take a look at the women’s version of the same amazing shirt. Both Silver Ridge shirts have UPF 50 sun protection that keeps your skin safe from the sun. Both are beautifully tailored and perfectly fitted as well.

ExOfficio Women’s Sol Cool Hooded Zippy Shirt | $85.00

While the price may not look like a deal at all (some sizes are still on deal at Amazon), I still believe this shirt is worth its current price. We love ExOfficio for their amazing products and this hooded shirt lives up to the name and does not disappoint.

Sleeping Bags

TETON Sports Celsius Regular -18C/0F Sleeping Bag | $48.26

This is Teton’s REGULAR sleeping bag, which means it is not meant to be used for extreme cold weather (below 0C). Above 0C though, you’re sleeping in a comfy, cozy space. For sleeping bags meant for colder nights, you may browse for other Teton products after clicking the link above.

Women's Hiking Pants

Columbia Sportswear Women’s Saturday Trail Pant | $41.92

If you’re looking for durability and comfort, look no further than Columbia’s Saturday Trail Pants. During hot days, you can fold and snap the pants to make it a capri. It’s so good that one Amazon review even testified that the pants stopped a rattlesnake bite! Yes, it’s awesome like that.

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