Product Review: Outdoor Research Men’s Transcendent Sweater

Autumn is upon us, and during this time, it’s best to keep yourself warm during your outdoor adventures. That’s why for this review, we’re going to look into the Outdoor Research Men’s Transcendent Sweater, which is actually a lightweight down jacket perfect for cold autumn hikes.

Speaking of hikes, it’s always a good practice to bring some type of insulation for your body during cold seasons and cold nights. Also, you’ll never know when during hiking under the intense sun during the day, you’ll also be contending with the biting cold at night. A lightweight down jacket is perfect for such occasions since you can always stow it away when not in use, and wear it for comfort whenever temperatures go down.


It’s hard to separate the features of the Outdoor Research Men’s Transcendent Sweater without praising many of its pros. The sweater has 650+ down fill insulation, which basically means that it can keep you cozy during chilly days and nights. And even so, it is still breathable and lightweight enough that you can carry it anywhere and everywhere.

It has 3 zippered pockets – a napoleon pocket and 2 hand pockets. The left hand pocket also doubles as a stuff sack. And everything about this jacket just screams comfort with stretch binding at the cuffs and tricot-lined collar material.


Three things I like about the Outdoor Research Men’s Transcendent Sweater – it’s breathable, it’s compressible, and it’s lightweight.

Breathability is important because when you’re exerting effort during hikes in cold weather, you’ll prefer to be warm enough to function, but not stuffy inside your jacket because, well, that’s really an annoying thing. Aside from this, the sweater is also water resistant as an added bonus, but I’ll tackle more into this in a later part of the review.

Being compressible and lightweight is a big plus in my book since for long hikes, you’ll always want this kind of down jacket inside your backpack. Compressibility ensures that you can always have space to stow away the jacket when it is not in use, and being lightweight, you’ll never even notice that you’re bringing an extra jacket with you during on and off wear.


The Outdoor Research Men’s Transcendent Sweater does not have many cons aside from simple clarifications on its use. As I mentioned earlier, the jacket is only water resistant and not water proof. This means that during cold weather with little or no rain, the jacket functions perfectly. But when rain comes, it probably functions better as an under layer below a waterproof jacket.

Although rare, some reports on Amazon also state that the jacket has light down leaking. This means that sometimes, the feathers of the jacket leaks out of the fabric. This can be alleviated by pulling the feather back into the jacket when it leaks (a video tutorial on YouTube is available). But again, these reports are rare and the leaking might not be that bad to be a concern if it happens.


We like the Outdoor Research Men’s Transcendent Sweater and would recommend those that hike for days or more make this jacket a part of their backpack gear. It’s compressible enough to not occupy a lot of room inside your pack, and it is lightweight enough that you won’t have to worry about any significant added weight during your long trip.

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