Are You Looking For The Best Hiking Backpack Brands? Read On!

“On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy”. These words from a famous Spanish proverb aptly describe the importance of a good backpack.

Backpacks are your constant companion while trekking. Hence it is ideal to carry a lightweight backpack so that your trekking experience is more comfortable.

Before we take a look at what different brands have to offer, it is important to know about the ideal characteristics to look for in a hiking backpack.

best hiking backpack brands

Characteristics of an ideal backpack

  • Size

A trekking backpack should have optimum weight distribution. This makes it easy to carry. The size of the backpack should be proportional to your body structure. Otherwise it may be uncomfortable for you to carry.

  • Straps

This is another feature to look out for as it ensures the backpack rests comfortably on your back. Padded hip straps and shoulder straps are very useful to distribute the weight of the bag evenly. This in turn reduces the strain on your neck and back.

  • Fabric

It is a given that a good hiking backpack should be made of water resistant material. This will ensure that your belongings remain safe while the rain gods are showering their blessings.

The material used must be tough but not heavy. Along with being water proof it should also dry fast as a wet back pack is heavier to carry around.

  • Compartments

It is important to have more than one compartment in backpack so that you can store and retrieve things easily.

A backpack with 3-5 compartments is ideal as you can carefully organize your belongings.

Best hiking backpack brands

There are a number of players in the market that offer good quality hiking backpacks. Among them the below 3 brands are voted as the best by many avid hikers.

  • Arc’teryx

The company specializes in high performance outdoor gear. The Altra range offered by the company is a hot pick. They design different backpacks for men and women. The bags are available in different styles and sizes.

The bags are designed with many unique features such as the pivoting belt around the waist, lid pockets and effective adjustment mechanisms. Due the advances features and top notch quality design, they are very expensive.

  • Osprey

They are well known for their innovative and functional designs. Their product range includes day packs, hydration hiking backpacks, everyday backpacks among many others.

The Atmos 65 range is very popular among hikers. The bags are designed with amazing compartments that provide easy organization. The bags have excellent ventilation and an adjustable hip belt.

The bags manufactured by the company are lighter than most other brands.

  • Gregory Mountain Products

The brand has a number of awards to its credits including the illustrious Backpacker Magazine’s 2015 Editor’s Choice Gold Award.

They design hiking backpack that can withstand heavy loads. The Gregory Baltoro 65 backpack has shoulder straps fitted with good quality foam. The bags a designed with a “U” shaped opening that provides convenient access.

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