About Us

Hello and welcome to our store!

The Hiking World is a site that was created out of passion for hiking and backpacking, and wearing proper clothing and accessories during a hike.

Why we started The Hiking World

We have always been passionate with hiking and backpacking. We typically find ourselves planning a weekend hike and checking out various hiking clothing, accessories and gears during our spare time. We believe that a hiking or backpacking experience depends a lot if you are comfortable, well-equipped and unhindered during your adventure.

This is the main reason why we created this site.

This site houses many of the products that we believe enhances your experience of the hike. While opinions of the products listed here may vary, we’re always trying our best to make our selections as wide as possible. This is so that you can find the products that you want with ease and reliability.

We are still currently adding new products and content to the site. Check back from time to time and you’ll be sure to find newer and better products posted for your convenience.

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