5 Amazing Deals on Women’s Hiking Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are just amazing pieces of clothing. I just love their versatility whenever I’m wearing them during my hikes. When it’s pretty hot out, opening up one or two buttons from my polo shirt is enough to let some air in to cool my body. And when it’s cold, all I have to do is to button up all of them and I’ll still be left comfortable.

This is what inspired me to bring to you today 5 amazing deals on women’s polo shirts. I chose shirts that are currently on sale or being sold cheap for their quality. And some of them come from very well-known brands as well so you won’t go wrong in trying them out.

Let’s get on with the list.

Columbia Sportswear Women’s Shadow Time Polo Shirt | $18.02

A blend of cotton and polyester fabric, the Columbia Sportswear Women’s Shadow Time Polo Shirt blends both comfort and functionality. It features Omni-Wick advanced evaporation so you’re sure to dry out easily while resting for a bit after a long sweaty hike. It snugs well during first wear, but stretches out comfortably and does not restrict your body’s movement.

LOLE Women’s Jordan Polo | $43.71

The LOLE Women’s Jordan Polo is made of a nylon, polyester and elastane blend that features moisture-wicking, which again, goes perfectly for sweaty hikes. The shirt has a UPF 50+ factor so you’re sure to protect your skin during extended exposure from the sun. It has elbow-length sleeves so it looks very stylish as well.

Jack Wolfskin Women’s Pique Function 65 Polo Shirt | $29.42

The Jack Wolfskin Women’s Pique Function 65 Polo Shirt boasts breathability and comfort, which is a huge plus for my hiking needs. It is made from 35% polyester, so it’s fairly quick-drying as well. And the rest of the polo shirt is made of organic cotton, making it very comfortable to wear.

Mott 50 Women’s Kathryn Polo Shirt | $70.31

I must admit, the first thing that drew me to the Mott 50 Women’s Kathryn Polo Shirt is its zip-up style and turtleneck-like collar. Aside from the obvious stylish exterior though are its features. The shirt protects you from the sun with UPF 50 fabric, and it’s quick drying and moisture wicking as well, making it a very good athletic polo shirt.

Primal Wear Women’s Kick Saunders Polo Shirt | $63.09

Aside from hiking, I can just wear the Primal Wear Women’s Kick Saunders Polo Shirt all day. The shirt is made from 100% polyester fabric, and compared to normal polo shirts, it has 200% faster drying time and 5x the UV protection as well. I just love the simple design of this amazing shirt.

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